We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

Our consulting services bring in a set of different perspectives to help you solve your problem. Perspectives from years of software engineering practice, latest tech trend in the world, and lessons learned from the rise and fall of the startup projects.

– Business analysis
– Product design consulting
– Project arrangement consulting
– System architecture consulting
– Tech infrastructure consulting

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs

Our design starts by Q&A with our clients, then scratches on the paper, then digitize with prototype tools, then bring in color and style. In the whole process we keep two things in mind: usability and cost. The output is something works well, and with a reasonable cost.

People are looking for partners who deliver when promised, and at a reasonable and transparent price. I believe that the days of being able to value price software are numbered.

Kent Beck

Our development work is built on a mature agile process, following best practices like coding standard and code review, and providing a great transparency using the latest project management tools.

Tech stack:
Mobile: Android, iOS, HTML5
Web: Python, Java, PHP, Angular.JS
Frameworks: Django, WordPress, SSH, Joomla

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.

John Ruskin

Our QA team join the project at the very beginning to ensure the project quality. They design and execute the test case, log the bug, run the root cause analysis, audit the requirement and process to ensure a high quality delivery.

We offer a wide range of software testing: functional, compatibility, performance,  security, regression, automated…

To successfully implement continuous delivery, you need to change the culture of how an entire organization views software development efforts.

Tommy Tynjä

We provide IT planning, operation, and maintenance services. As a lot of IT infrastructure is moving to the cloud, we help our client to choose the cloud provider, design the infrastructure, deploy the application, and maintain the system for our clients.

Infrastructure design based on actual load and potential growth.
DevOps practice to ensure a continuous deployment.
Continuous monitoring on the server healthiness, response time, error log, and performance change etc.


Founded in 2006

Headquarters in Beijing, China

Clients in both US and China

Highest Quality

Quality is our life line, we take it very seriously. We know software engineering, we follow the best practices, we train our staff in a daily basis, we keep up with the technology trend, and we work hard. All for the sole purpose of delivering highest quality products to our clients.

Think One Step Further

Most companies do what the clients told them to do to keep the clients happy. Aragon doesn’t just stop there. We think one step further. We think more for our clients and take initiatives to act upon. We take our clients’ successes as our deliverables.

Why Choose Us?


We take strong ownership of our client’s project. Our mentality is not get done and get paid, we want to create value for our clients and grow with them.


Our dev process allows our client to see and participate in our development works. You can see what tasks are planned, worked, and tested in each iteration.


We’ve been doing software development for 10 years. This means one, we’ve gained enough experience in the field; and two, you can count on us to be here for you in another 10 years.


To learn fast is the surviving skill in this industry. We learn the latest technology in the industry and help our client to pick the best solution.


We work and think hard. We always try to think one step further for our client, to deliver the best product for them.


An offshore team brings in great cost reduction. Our flexible project model will help you save more.

What People Say ?

“Aragon has consistently delivered high quality projects on time, on budget. We are pleased with their development process, agility and quality of service.”

Anthony Lye, Sr. VP CRM, Oracle

What people say?

“Aragon is our trusted technology provider – they have exceeded all of our expectations. Their attention to detail and implementation quality have driven our brand and success.”

Beth Gerstein, CEO, Brilliant Earth

What People Say ?

“Aragon is the best offshore team I have worked with which is not only good at their work but also is equally responsive and takes ownership.”

Sanjay Choudhri, PM, INSOMNIAC


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